Happy 2010

2010-01-09 22:42:41 by Mr-Carrothead

Yes this is the first post in ages
And the first time i've been on here in ages

Getting decent at FL Studios, learned how to master songs (including some oldies) to make them sound 'fuller'). MAYBE some new songs coming out soon, and as always I'm up for a chat and maybe a request for a new song.

Anyway... leave a comment!

My Top 5 Songs

2009-01-13 19:03:10 by Mr-Carrothead

As voted by me :P

Madness Collab: Funky Action Beat MK II

The song that basically started it all, basically my only popular song

Acoustic Beat

I just like the guitars, and the fact that something I threw together turned out well

Rave Anthem

Kinda threw this together, but people like it and so do I :P

New Musick

Marked my return to music making with a new programme and new style

-[Mr.C]- Something New

Probably the only thing I've made so far with FL Studios that people think is decent. And yes I know this is just a cheap way to promote my songs :P

My Top 5 Songs

Why do I bother...

2008-12-06 07:46:06 by Mr-Carrothead

...submitting new music here, it just gets 0'd straight away -.-

I mean, I know they're not THAT good, but still

New Song

2008-10-05 12:49:08 by Mr-Carrothead

A sunday afternoon put to good use (for once): Drum n Breakbeat


2008-08-31 00:32:18 by Mr-Carrothead

Why is Fruity Loops so hard

I'm finding it very difficult to produce a half decent song, mostly cos I suck at creating melodies

Anyone got any good melodies/progressions/packs?

So far I've only got Vengeance Essential Clubsounds

Hey guys, remember me?

2008-07-25 00:04:24 by Mr-Carrothead

Yup that's right it's me again! The summer is here and I now have FL Studios 7! It's taken me a while to get used to, but I thought I'd release a new song to show what I'm getting up to

Hybrid Fusion

Obviously at 55 seconds it isnt much, but it's more of a sample. Also, it does feel good releasing my first song in almost 8 months.

So expect great things to come!

PS. I'm going to Canada for just over 2 weeks (I'm from the UK so it's a big deal), but fortunately I get to bring my laptop... and I usually make some music whenever I'm on holiday so wish me luck :D

Here is a picture of some Canadians

Hey guys, remember me?

Hai guys

2008-01-14 12:46:42 by Mr-Carrothead

Awesome, just got flash (and not a trial version), so im gonna put more of my attention onto being a flash artist instead of just an audio artist

So expect great things in the coming month...

Mr-Carrothead's New Comeback Album

2007-11-30 18:10:11 by Mr-Carrothead

Well, not an album

Just a new collection of songs

Coming soon

To celebrate rebirth of our internet, new laptop and new software

First ones just a test loop, but its pretty good so be sure to check it out

More comin soon :D

EDIT 30/11/07:
1st Track now uploaded - 'New Musick'

New Music, and other news

2007-08-25 19:33:50 by Mr-Carrothead

Hey hey my adoring fans

3 new pieces of music uploaded in the past 2 days, with more still to come. We now have:
- .Darktone.
- Deep Piano
- Twister Acid

and im hoping to complete 2 more tommorow, and possibly a third

In other news:
- My holiday is doing quite well, will be back on the 1st of September.
- Still searching for good tune for Madness Neurosis 2 music.
- Still posting on Madness Collab II thread as much as I can

Current Projects:
- Music for Madness Neurosis Collab II
- Finishing any unfinished songs
- Making music for XRaiders madness tribute
- Making music for ironraven's japanese kitten movie (no really, I am)

Hey dudes

2007-07-18 11:24:43 by Mr-Carrothead

Hey if u like my music and want me to make u some then pls comment or PM me and fill out this form:

Submission you want it for:
Brief Description:
When you need it by:
What type of music you want (details?)

Ill try and get on it straight away

In other news, vote 5