Hey guys, remember me?

2008-07-25 00:04:24 by Mr-Carrothead

Yup that's right it's me again! The summer is here and I now have FL Studios 7! It's taken me a while to get used to, but I thought I'd release a new song to show what I'm getting up to

Hybrid Fusion

Obviously at 55 seconds it isnt much, but it's more of a sample. Also, it does feel good releasing my first song in almost 8 months.

So expect great things to come!

PS. I'm going to Canada for just over 2 weeks (I'm from the UK so it's a big deal), but fortunately I get to bring my laptop... and I usually make some music whenever I'm on holiday so wish me luck :D

Here is a picture of some Canadians

Hey guys, remember me?


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2008-07-25 00:06:31

I don't know who you are,but this is MADNESS!

Mr-Carrothead responds:


this... is... canada!


2008-07-25 00:06:43

I remember you.
So, that's what Canadians look like!!!!!

Mr-Carrothead responds:

thats right


2008-07-25 00:09:12

I remember you,You where that carrot guy who had a clock,Good times

Mr-Carrothead responds:


let's go with that


2008-08-21 14:27:44

Hey, I'm Canadian! W00!

Mr-Carrothead responds:



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