Entry #1

Hey dudes

2007-07-18 11:24:43 by Mr-Carrothead

Hey if u like my music and want me to make u some then pls comment or PM me and fill out this form:

Submission you want it for:
Brief Description:
When you need it by:
What type of music you want (details?)

Ill try and get on it straight away

In other news, vote 5


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2007-08-01 04:18:28

I might need music for MO, if so I will eventually post here.


2007-08-01 19:52:09

kk im gonna hav loads of time 2 make music wen i go on holiday so i'll come back with loads of new stuff (hopefully)


2007-08-05 07:41:51

thanks for making music for the madness collab
would you like to make one for the second collab?
and wy do you use my collab icon? lol

Mr-Carrothead responds:

yh sure i can make music for no. 2, i would be honoured

btw i used collab icon cos i couldnt be bothered 2 make 1 myself, and it looks gd


2007-08-05 23:49:26

Dude! Your song Rave Anthem!!! Do a remix of that for the next Collab!!! If not make it anyway so I can use it! Awesome job on the Music.

~SmashedSmurf <3

Mr-Carrothead responds:

I'll see what I can do...

Im gonna try make somethin new for the collab, but i'll make a remix of rave anthem anyway


2007-08-07 20:32:14

I agree with Smurf, do a remix of Rave Anthem! That song sounds like it'd fit...nicely.
Just imagine a remix! =D


2007-08-09 01:07:33

I agree with delta because he agrees with me. Seriously. Re-Mix of Rave Anthem for the second Collab. It's so much fucking awesome in one song. A remix would win.