My Top 5 Songs

2009-01-13 19:03:10 by Mr-Carrothead

As voted by me :P

Madness Collab: Funky Action Beat MK II

The song that basically started it all, basically my only popular song

Acoustic Beat

I just like the guitars, and the fact that something I threw together turned out well

Rave Anthem

Kinda threw this together, but people like it and so do I :P

New Musick

Marked my return to music making with a new programme and new style

-[Mr.C]- Something New

Probably the only thing I've made so far with FL Studios that people think is decent. And yes I know this is just a cheap way to promote my songs :P

My Top 5 Songs


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2009-01-20 18:54:53

Oh wait, I haven't got any fans :o


2009-10-02 22:29:26


Mr-Carrothead responds:

ello ello