New Music, and other news

2007-08-25 19:33:50 by Mr-Carrothead

Hey hey my adoring fans

3 new pieces of music uploaded in the past 2 days, with more still to come. We now have:
- .Darktone.
- Deep Piano
- Twister Acid

and im hoping to complete 2 more tommorow, and possibly a third

In other news:
- My holiday is doing quite well, will be back on the 1st of September.
- Still searching for good tune for Madness Neurosis 2 music.
- Still posting on Madness Collab II thread as much as I can

Current Projects:
- Music for Madness Neurosis Collab II
- Finishing any unfinished songs
- Making music for XRaiders madness tribute
- Making music for ironraven's japanese kitten movie (no really, I am)


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2007-08-26 13:36:17

i love your songs...but the dark piano was terribale....sorry..


2007-08-26 13:36:32

*deep piano*

Mr-Carrothead responds:

that was just an experiment


2007-08-27 11:16:42

What the heck is wrong with that horse. :) I want to make music for flashes too. Is this madness neurosis flash a collab with platinumx9? I like your carrot CD label. Bye for now.

Mr-Carrothead responds:

lol horse is a funny pic i found online

you can make music but you need the right software

nope platinumx9 isnt involved in the madness collab

and yes my carrot CD label is 'the shizz'


2007-08-29 20:40:12

Kitty Huffing Ohshi-

Mr-Carrothead responds:



2007-09-05 21:47:17

big whale butts and farty cupcake juice

Mr-Carrothead responds:

correct sir


2007-09-08 12:03:35



2007-11-16 23:40:33

Hey! PX9 from the madness collab! I never made it in but I am in the third one. So like, what happened? You didn't make music for Neuro II. Are you still active?

Mr-Carrothead responds:

occassionaly dude

im gonna try be more active once i start makin music again

got a new laptop n stuff so its all complicated atm